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Metal doll eye pendant (decorative image).
Metal doll eye pendant (decorative image).

A n n a b e l l a  G e l m e t t i

An image of Annabella in a pink gilded frame.

annabella gelmetti is a musician based in nashville. she is a singer, songwriter, producer, and composer who blends folk, electronic, jazz, and classical styles.

after she turned 18 earth years, annabella began producing her own music. she graduated from gonzaga university with a ba in music composition and a minor in conducting and works as a sheet music engraver for graphite publishing.

during the plague, she wrote over 50 works for dance, including two mainstage ballets. 

currently, she is finishing her first operetta, which will premiere at the nashville symphony (not actually on the stage, just like, in front of it. outside.).